Project Overview

The Construction Zone
Dig Los Osos provides direct access to regular construction updates for the Los Osos Wastewater Collection System construction project, work has begun and is expected to continue through 2014.

The work of building the collection system has been divided into three construction contracts. It is anticipated that each construction contractor will perform work concurrently at multiple locations within Los Osos over the two year construction period. Dig Los Osos will be regularly updated to provide a user friendly source of current project information for all project construction activities within Los Osos including:

• Current work areas,
• Road conditions and,
• Other construction impacts affecting the community.

Recently an informational brochure was mailed out to the Los Osos community, which reviewed construction and lateral information.

Los Osos Wastewater Project Brochure – December 2012 – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Please call the 24/7 DigLine at (805) 546-2802 for the latest project information, work areas or road conditions.

Water Conservation Program
The County is currently implementing a water conservation program, which includes rebates for water saver fixtures. Click here for more information or call 805-788-6633 to schedule a site visit.

The Los Osos Wastewater Project
The Los Osos Wastewater Project will provide wastewater collection, conveyance, treatment, and recycled water reuse for the Los Osos community that is currently unsewered and utilizes septic tanks.   The collection system consists of a conventional gravity sewer collection system with pump stations. The system consists of buried pipes for main sewers, trunk sewers, and laterals.  Pump stations will convey the collected wastewater via force mains and gravity sewers to the midtown pump station for ultimate delivery to the wastewater treatment facility.

Project Details
Los Osos Wastewater Collection System Areas A&D, Contract No. 300448.08.01.AD
Los Osos Wastewater Collection System Areas B&C, Contract No. 300448.08.01.BC
Los Osos Wastewater Collection System Pump Stations, Contract No. 300448.08.01.PS

San Luis Obispo County, Department of Public Works and Transportation
CDM Smith
Construction Manager
HDR Engineering, Inc.

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Monthly Construction Report - CLICK HERE

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Water Conservation Program - CLICK HERE

Los Osos Wastewater Project Brochure - CLICK HERE


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